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A vast portfolio of European (mainly french, belgian and spanish) and North American (quebecan and canadian) experts is available to meet all of your needs. This network is based on the concrete trust and field expertise of its members.


With offices in Paris and in Montreal, M&R Consulting Group selects his experts regarding their operational experience and the quality of their network. Most of them have one or more activities. They are asked to intervene because of their pragmatic and efficient approach in confronting the challenges which are at stake and the goals that are to be reached.

The market introduction of European or North American products requires a perfect knowledge of the sale and purchase cultures. Whether you are in Europe or in North America, adjustments to market regulation are necessary. That isn’t automatically synonym of harming or depleting the image or the brand of the product.

The force of M&R Consulting Group is in markets with high added value. We are talking about markets where the product or the image of the brand is at stake and is part of the marketing strategy. This stake will make the difference on the market. The world of fashion, the world of home decoration (tableware, home furnishing and decoration textiles), the world of beauty or even the world of new technologies requires a specific know-how. This to have a maximum of visibility!

M&R Consulting Group has an extensive experience in marketing and brand development concerning different types of distribution:

  • Retail sale: The retail market is the most developed market in North America (Quebec and Canada). There are 4 principal cases: the department store, the supermarket, the warehouse, the specialized store chain and independent store. The retail market is very dynamic and competitive, always seeking for new products, new brands to offer. Because those new products or brands will bring him the added value, will difference him from his competitor, give him an image of innovation.
  • Import and distribution: the European products are still synonym of quality for the North American consumer who is always looking for trendy products with refined design and quality.
  • E-commerce: This is a growing market in Canada with a natural potential of development to his neighbor, the United States. The number of internet users is constantly growing: almost 25 million as of today (75% coverage!).