Marketing & Retail Consulting Group

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of M&R Consulting group is to contribute to the success of your business on the axis France-Quebec-Canada. That is why we regrouped on a unique business platform the best experts in marketing, distribution, franchise network, retail and development.

M&R Consulting group is specialized in the markets of Fast food concept and consumer goods and particularly those of fashion, of tableware, of kitchen accessories, of home furnishings, of beauty, of optics, of jewelry or new technologies where the product, the brand or the label have a high added value and represent the strategic issues to their development.

M&R Consulting group will give you immediately the desired expertise. Our extended network composed of skilled experts is just there waiting to help you! We offer you a consulting service per internet which permits to create a contact between the client and the expert in a few clicks and this, wherever you are in the world!

Our Values

M&R Consulting Group is comprised of hand-picked professionals who all share the same human values and have successfully managed organizations in the fields of expertise of M&R Consulting Group, with only on goal: the successful development of your business in Quebec, Canada with 100% efficiency.

The pragmatic and concrete approach is preferred. Most of our experts have experienced all the operational phases which lead to the successful development of a business. M&R Consulting Group offers you a selection of skilled and recognized professionals.

Last but not least, the world must be considered as a town and the new technologies give us the possibility to bring together the talents. It’s also a great opportunity to regroup under the same “brand” a real trust and competence network easily accessible to all.

Why Quebec and Canada

The company in Montreal in Qubec was created in 2007 why : On one hand, an ever growing need of part of the quebecans and canadians  to find new products or brands different from the european quality standards. On  the other hand, french or european companies who need to develop new markets but have to reassure their home partners.


But also a potential for quebecans and canadian businesses who want to develop their know-how “made in Canada” and export it on the french and european markets. Those products are highly appreciated by the europeans.


For the european products : A market potential of 450 millions of North Americans

For the quebecan and canadian products : Create value through niche products.